Hannah's Japan - Paper

Learn some words for paper

紙(かみ) Kami Paper

和紙(わし) washi Japanese paper. The art of making washi was brought to Japan from China by Buddhist monks around 600AD. Washi is warmer to touch than Western paper and is very strong.

()(がみ) origami paper folding. Origami butterflies were once used during Japanese wedding celebrations to represent the bride and groom.

()(がみ) kirigami paper cutting.  Kirigami is like origami, but the paper is cut as well as folded.


Make a Kirigami Wall Hanging!


Try this quiz!

1) Go to http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/house/house04.html Take a virtual tour of a Japanese house. What is used to divide the inside of the house from the outside?

2) Read about Tanabata, the Star Festival. http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/explore/calendar/july/tanabata.html

How is paper used as part of the festival? What would you wish for?

3) Read Chapter 4 of Hannah’s Winter. Can you name ten things made of paper that Hannah sees in the Old Corner of the Maekawa’s stationery shop in Kanazawa?