A Letter from Julia

Hello. I’m Julia Kelly and this is my page.IMAGEs0022

You can read about me in 10 Rules for Detectives.  I’m the only girl detective in the BKJ Detective Agency.  Kev Jones (the cheeky kid on the left) told the story of our first big case, The Case of the Ghost of Brokenly Hill, and how Boris and Kev and I solved it. You can read the first chapter at http://www.kobobooks.com/ Or maybe 10 Rules for Detectives is in your library?

My author, Kierin, made up the place where we live.  She called it Jagged Nest, but the place she had in her head is a small town called Crow’s Nest.  It’s on the Darling Downs about 180 kilometres north-west of Brisbane, in Queensland, in Australia.  Kierin spent lots of time there as a kid.  That was a LONG time ago, but she still remembers how much fun she had.

Anyhow, this is my page and I’m going to write some of my own stories here. I’m excellent at English!  Well, maybe not excellent, but better than Boris and Kev.  I like writing.  My first stories will be about my cousin Dotti.  I hope you’ll like them.