Dotti’s little brother is called Mo.  On Mo’s birthday there was a party.  Dotti’s mum made a huge chocolate cake with white icing.

Dotti sat down on the living room carpet.  She is not allowed to eat on the carpet, but she did. She ate a huge slice of chocolate birthday cake.

‘Yum’ said Dotti as she dropped crumbs and bits of icing on to the carpet.

When Dotti’s mum saw the mess, she was annoyed.

‘Dotti’ she said, ‘take the carpet sweeper and clean up your mess.’

Dotti looked at the sweeper.

‘I can’t, Mummy’ she said. ‘The carpet sweeper has big green slimy teeth.  He will gobble me up if I try to make him work.’

‘Oh?’ said her mum. ‘In that case, Dotti, you can pick up all the crumbs with your fingers and put them in the bin.  Every  crumb, please.’

‘I can’t, Mummy’ said Dotti. ‘The carpet sweeper says he likes the carpet all crumby.  He will bite my fingers with his slimy green teeth if I take the crumbs away.’

Dotti’s mum frowned.  She picked up the carpet sweeper and took it to the kitchen.  She put the sweeper into the broom cupboard.

‘Now, Dotti’ she said. ‘The carpet sweeper cannot see you. Pick up those crumbs, please.’

‘Okay’ said Dotti. ‘But the carpet sweeper is very angry now.  He says that tonight he will escape from the broom cupboard and fly away.’

Then Dotti picked up all the crumbs.  I helped her.  Dotti’s mum wiped up the bits of white icing with a damp cloth.  Then we went outside to play.

The night I woke up suddenly.  A big yellow moon was shining.  I heard rustling in the bushes outside.  I crept to the window and looked out.  For one second I thought I saw a big square head.  Chocolate crumbs and white icing dripped from its slimy green teeth. Then there was a whooshing sound and the head vanished into the sky. I think it was just a dream.


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