Teddy was sitting on the kitchen bench one morning when he noticed Polly Dolly sneaking out the door.

Where are you going?’‘he asked.

‘I am going on an adventure’ answered Polly.

‘But where is Dotti?’

‘Dotti is sick.  She’s not allowed to play with me today.’

Teddy frowned. ‘You shouldn’t go adventuring by yourself’ he said.  ‘It’s not safe. If you meet the Monster of Chippetty Poo, he will eat you up.’

Polly Dolly took no notice.  She shut the door behind her, jumped down the stairs and ran outside into the yard.

But Polly Dolly had forgotten how big Outside was.  The sun glared down and the sky was enormous and the grass tickled her legs.  She stopped in the shade of a plant with tall green leaves to decide what to do next.  And suddenly she saw something that made her shiver and tremble!

Someone was watching her from the other side of the wire fence that marked the border of Dotti’s land.  It was someone Polly Dolly had never seen before; someone hairy with brown eyes and a black nose.

origamipapers0033Polly was frightened. She shook in her white shoes. She stared at the Hairy Thing. The Hairy Thing stared back.

‘Are you the Monster of Chippetty Poo?’ whispered Polly.

The Hairy Thing tipped its head to one side and looked puzzled. Then it put its black nose through the fence.  Polly could see that it had sharp white teeth. Shivering even harder, she started to edge backwards.

‘Excuse me for disturbing you, Oh Monster of Chippetty Poo’’ she said. ‘My name is Polly Dolly and I was having an adventure, but I’m finished now. And it’s important that you know that dolls don’t taste very nice.’

The Furry Thing sniffed and sat up tall and straight.

’You are silly’ it said. ‘I am not the monster of Chippetty Poo. He lives on the far side of the ocean. I am Kirra Birra Burra Boo, the Queen of Bruce-and-Judy Land.’

‘Oh?’ Polly Dolly was impressed. She very much liked the stories about queens in Dotti’s books. Queens were rich and beautiful and powerful.  Polly came up close to the fence.

‘Do you sometimes wear a beautiful crown?’ she asked.

‘Actually I have many crowns’ said Kirra Birra Burra Boo in a very important voice. ‘If you would like to come over and visit, I will show them to you.’

Polly Dolly was excited.  To visit a queen would be a very good adventure.  Then she looked at the fence. It was high and the wires looked sharp and hot.

‘I would like to come visiting, but I am too frightened to climb’ said Polly Dolly sadly.

‘Fortunately I am a magician as well as a queen’ said Kirra Birra Burra Boo. ‘I will give you some magic to make you brave.  But first I mustP1000800_2 put on my magician’s scarf. Wait here.’

Kirra Birra Burra Boo hurried away, and when she came back she was wearing a sparkly red scarf.

‘Lirra Tirra Murra Moo’ said Kirra Birra Burra Boo.

The moment that Queen Kirra said those words, Polly started to feel brave. She jumped up on the fence and in a flash she had climbed over into Bruce-and-Judy Land.

Kirra Birra Burra Boo’s crowns were shiny and very beautiful. Queen Kirra put on her favourite green crown and she let Polly try on a blue one.  Polly felt as if she was a queen too.

‘I wish Dotti could see me’ she said. ‘But she couldn’t come on my adventure because she has gone spotty.  She has the chicken pops.’

Queen Kirra’s eyes grew wide. ‘Chicken is the most delicious of all foods’ she said. ‘Tell me more about chicken pops.’

‘When you have chicken pops’ said Polly Dolly ‘itchy red spots pop out all over you.’

kirra_cut2Kirra Birra Burra Boo looked alarmed. ‘That sort of chicken is not allowed in my Land’ she said. ‘Come and sit down, Polly Dolly.  We will drink some magic tea to make sure we do not catch any popping chickens.’  And so they did.







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